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Kadet   56" span high wing trainer 3/4 channel R/C   

The Kadet was originally a die-cut kit so the plan doesn't show all the profiles needed to build it from scratch.This with some plans could present a problem but due to the Kadet's beautifully simple design, that is not the case here. The fuselage is a simple box section and the few formers not shown can easily be worked out with nothing more complicated than a ruler. The entire airframe can be built entirely from stock wood as no extra plastic canopy or cowl is needed to complete the model.

The Kadet would make an ideal first scratch build project as well as a perfect first model for a newcomer to the sport. It was a well respected model back in the 70's and 80's and quite often the model of choice as club trainer. Ask around your local model flying club or check out the various R/C forums and you will soon find someone who remembers it fondly. It's robust and relatively light structure combined with very forgiving low speed handling characteristics means that it endures the punishment a novice can throw at it. Plus, if that punishment is a 'little more severe', it is much easier to repair than it's modern 'plastic' counterparts. 
Originally designed for 0.19 to 0.30cu in. 2 stroke glow engines, many have expressed an interest in electric conversion  
In fact a quick search around the model forums will reveal a scratch build kadet project with an electric motor fitted. We have now started experimenting with an electric Kadet ourselves with very positive results.

 **plans now available for scratch builders 
Free PDF scan of original build instructions  Here

A lovely example of the I.C. Kadet, kindly shared with us by Ian Dewar.

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