Kamco Models

A potted history

The Knowles Aircraft Model Company (KAMCO) was formed in 1973 and very quickly the range became very popular among the modelling community. Something for everyone, the range was very well designed, easy to build and fly with no nasty surprises.
My late father bought the company in the mid 80's, keeping the Kloudrider glider as a built up kit and adopting glass-fibre fuselage and veneered foam wings for the kadet and Kavalier to cater for the modellers who wanted more ready to fly models with less build time which was the up and coming thing at the time . 
As there are literally hundreds of RTF models on the market these days, I am bringing the range back to it's roots and reintroducing the classic built up models that created the Kamco reputation in the first place, this is taking some time to get right but I believe it will be worth it in the end .